The Honorary Colonels Corps is an incorporated, non-profit organization whose charter is to promote the objectives of the Utah National Guard.  The membership is made up of individuals who normally are CEO’s or their equivalent of significant organizations within the state.  Care is taken to insure that members are not representatives of political parties or figures who, by nature of their membership, would appear to move the group in to any partisan camp.  Any member of the Corps can nominate other members, who are reviewed for their ability to meet the qualifications above.

At the present time, the dues are $200.00 per year.  There is also a one-time uniform charge of $280.00.

Corps members are provided with uniform items which consist of a red blazer with a National Guard minuteman emblem, white shirt/blouse, gray trousers/skirt, a black tie and a nameplate.  They thus have two uniforms: a formal uniform which involves wearing black tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt without cummerbund, and red blazer with bow tie.  The semi-formal uniform consists of gray trousers, black regular tie, white shirt and red blazer.  Along with the red blazer, ladies wear a black skirt with white blouse for formal affairs, a gray skirt and white blouse for semi-formal functions, and a tie is not necessary.

The Colonels contribute to the Freedom Academy, which is a week-long activity attended by two students from each high school in the state (usually the student body president and vice president for the coming year).  It is held at Camp Williams, Utah each year.

In addition, they provide assistance for the Veterans Day Concert, featuring the 23rd Army Band and a combined 700-voice chorus from the Granite School District, held in the University of Utah Jon M. Huntsman Center.  They also completely sponsor the annual Awards Banquet which is given to honor those who have served the Utah National Guard, the State of Utah, our Nation and local communities in a manner that calls for special recognition.

Current Governors are automatically members of the Corps, and remain members after they leave office.

Honorary Colonels Utah Brochure